Former Argentine president Mauricio Macri apologizes after describing Germany as a "superior race" when referring to his favorites to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri.

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Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri had to apologize after calling Germany a "superior race" while mentioning his forecasts for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. "I had an unwise phrase that refers to humanity's worst nightmares, for which I want to clarify it and offer my apologies," said Macri.

Mauricio Macri was consulted about his favorites to win the World Cup and the possibilities of the Argentine National Team. “Obviously there is Brazil, with a Neymar who is much better, because before he was a kind of obstacle for the team, because he did not play as a team", said.

Portugal has very good players, France has very good players, they are the last champion, and Germany can never be ruled out because they are a superior breed, they always play until the end.“, asserted the former Argentine president in statements that caused repudiation.

Mauricio Macri's apologies

Before his statements, the former president of Argentina came out after the criticism received and apologized through his Twitter account. “Yesterday, speaking of the World Cup and obviously referring to the indisputable football skills of Germany, I had an unfortunate phrase that refers to humanity's worst nightmares, for which I want to clarify it and offer my apologies.", wrote.

It should be noted that Macri highlighted the possibilities of Argentina as one of the five main favorites and then expressed himself about the great teams that will compete in the World Cup. The former Argentine president is a renowned soccer fan and a man linked to this sport, among other things because he was at the time the president of Boca Juniors in his country..

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