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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, held a meeting this Monday with the Panamanian Foreign Minister, Janaina Tewaney, where they discussed the increase in cooperation, bilateral trade and common challenges.


Cuban Foreign Minister applauds solidarity against the US blockade

During the meeting, the Cuban Foreign Minister highlighted the interest of both nations in strengthening their ties in the midst of the current international context.

Likewise, he recognized the intense work schedule of the Panamanian delegation since its arrival on the island last Saturday.

For her part, her Panamanian counterpart thanked the reception she has received in the Caribbean country, affirmed that she brought a message of brotherhood and ratified the importance of relations with the Caribbean countries, especially with Cuba.

In this sense, he highlighted Panama's interest in strengthening trade ties with Cuba.

Previously, Foreign Minister Janaina Tewaney spoke with President Miguel Díaz Canel about the next meeting of the Political Consultation Mechanism between Cuba and Panama and the Mixed Cooperation Commission.

Likewise, he offered a floral offering to the National Hero José Martí, for the 170th anniversary of his birth, toured the historic center of the Cuban capital and exchanged with the director of the Ballet Litz Alfonso.

Janaina Tewaney traveled to Cuba accompanied by the Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Federico Alfaro Boyd, and also held meetings with the head of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca, and the president of Casa de las Américas, Abel Prieto.

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