For the third time in the week, historical temperature record is broken

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The world registered on Thursday hottest day in its historyexceeding previous highs fixed on Monday and the TuesdayWhile the global average temperature continues to riseaccording to data from US National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

The average temperature world reached the 17.23 degrees Celsius (63.01 Fahrenheit) on Thursday, according to the government agency.

The record comes days after intense heat waves in the United States and Chinameanwhile, another killed more than 100 people in Mexicowhile temperatures soar around the world.

On Thursday, the European Union Copernicus Climate Change Service said June was hottest month on recordpulverizing the previous June 2019 record by a considerable margin.

Robert RohdePrincipal Scientist at the non-profit climate science organization Berkeley Earthdeclared the following through his account Twitter.

Such records are the predictable consequence of a short-term temperature rise caused by El Niño adding to the long-term global warming trend due to humanity's greenhouse gas emissions.

The weather pattern of 'The boy' emerged this year, bringing warm sea surface temperatures in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean.

After the previous daily high in August 2016 broke for the first time on Monday, several scientists predicted more days with record temperatures this year.

“Expect many more hot days in the future”said Saleemul Huqdirector of Bangladesh International Center for Climate Change and Developmentit's a statement.

(With information from Reuters)

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