For disseminating a sexual video of his partner, he is linked to a trial in Hidalgo

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For spreading a video and images intimate relationships of his romantic partner, a subject was linked to processreported the High Impact Crime Investigation Unit of the Attorney General's Office of the State of Hidalgo (PGJEH).

According to the judicial department, the events occurred on last July 25when the victim was at home and realized that without her consent, they were shared intimate images his and a video with sexual content.

Therefore, the woman filed a complaint which led to investigations which concluded that his romantic partner, identified by his initials as JGVY, shared said content without the consent of the victimthrough an electronic device, linked to your telephone number registered on a social messaging network, under the name “Everything Hidalgo 2.0”.

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The Public Ministry obtained the evidence against the accused person and thus his identity could be determined and request the corresponding arrest warrant before the control judge.

Once the person under investigation was presented before the judicial authority, the imputation and based on the test data displayed, its link to the process was obtained.

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The caution that was imposed on the subject was that of justified preventive detention for acts that the law sanctions as a violation of aggravated sexual intimacy.


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