Food insecurity affects 2 out of 5 Haitians, says NGO | News


43 percent of the population of Haiti would be in conditions of food insecurity, according to the Spanish NGO Alianza por la Solidaridad-Action Aid, which recalls that, according to the United Nations, 253.6 million dollars are needed to cover the needs of its inhabitants.


Haiti pays tribute to victims of the 2010 earthquake

The NGO data emerged on the occasion of the commemoration of the intense earthquake that on January 12, 2010 destroyed the south of the country, particularly the capital, Port-au-Prince and claimed between 100,000 and 300,000 lives, according to data from then.

The damage left by that disaster, together with the passage of several hurricanes and a new earthquake in August 2021 have caused, as one of its consequences, that, according to data from the United Nations (UN), illegal immigration in 2021 increased dramatically in the Caribbean country.

In October of that year alone, 1,194 Haitians trying to reach the United States were repatriated, many of them from rural areas.

Alianza por la Solidaridad claims to have provided humanitarian aid to 34,000 Haitian families in 2021, which translates into some 170,000 people, with the support of the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation – Aecid, the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid of the European Union, and of the World Food Program of the UN.

This assistance includes, among other things, food kits, cash to rebuild houses or facilitate access to the so-called basic food basket, and psychosocial support.

Among the main causes of the worsening of this situation are the earthquake that occurred last summer, in which 2,000 people died, 12,000 were injured and 800,000 lost their homes or their way of life.

The unstable political situation also had an influence, which deepened after the assassination of the President of the Republic, Jovenel Moïse, last July. However, the bad situation in the country is also exacerbated by another obstacle, social violence.

“Haiti has become a country where weapons and drugs circulate with total lack of control. There is famine and fear and the result is that 43 percent of the population suffers from food insecurity without there having been excessively bad harvests or droughts, as in other years ”, the coordinator of the Alliance in Haiti, Mercedes López, said in a statement.

Last September, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) had urgently called for more investments to help the country’s rural population re-establish essential home gardening and small-scale agriculture and avoid a worsening of the food crisis, which affected some 980,000 people who were most affected by the earthquake in August 2021 and were in a situation of acute food insecurity.

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