Floyd Mayweather showed off without surprises against Aaron Chalmers and even had time to dance in the ring

Floyd Mayweather dominated the British Aaron Chalmers with fairness in the exhibition fight that they played this Saturday at the O2 Arena in London, reviewed EFE. A fight in which the legendary former American boxer even had time to dance.

Mayweather with an undefeated record of 50 fights, including 27 knockouts, knew how to play through eight rounds of two minutes each with Aaron Chalmers. As expected, "Money", who turned 46 years old, was far superior to his rival and showed off his classic jab style and keeping his distance..

Floyd Mayweather punishes Aaron Chalmers at an exhibition in London. Photo- Tolga Akmen-EFE

Myweather despite his age He gave glimpses of his best moments in what was his sixth exhibition since announcing his retirement as a professional boxer.He, yes, never saw any intention of harming his rival in a fight in which neither of them was declared the winner.

As reported by EFE, Floyd Mayweather's fight did not arouse great expectations and the stands of the 02 Arena were practically emptys. In fact, the show was delayed up to half an hour to try to fill the venue with a capacity for 20,000 spectators, something that ultimately did not happen.

Despite failing to fill the venue and not meeting their expectations in terms of public, it is estimated that the undefeated boxer may have won $20 million dollars for this initiative, which reaffirms that Mayweather continues to be a guy who never plays to lose.

It should be remembered that Chalmers became famous after his participation in the popular reality show, Geordie Shore.. He subsequently had a modest career of five wins and two losses in MMA and just one split decision win in boxing, in a bout he fought over 4 rounds. With 11 years younger than Mayweather, he did not even reach the champion's ankles, something that was not expected nor did it surprise anyone.

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