Florian Thauvin doesn’t shut up and in good Spanish says that “he doesn’t care” what his critics think about the great goal in the Clásico Regio


Florian Thauvin, French midfielder for Tigres UANL of Liga MX.

Photo: Juan Angel Ovalle / Imago7

The French midfielder of Tigres UANL, Florian Thauvin, scored a great goal in the Clásico Regio last March in his club’s 2-0 victory over Rayados de Monterrey.

But as a great annotation, it does not stop talking about it. Part of the Liga MX fans, highly critical of the world champion’s performance in 2018, demerits the goal assuring that he wanted to center but the goalkeeper Estaban Andrada went wrong and that’s why the ball finally enters.

In a conversation with Pello Maldonado, Thauvin, in perfect Spanish and Mexican colloquialism, made it very clear what he thinks of unhealthy criticism and comments: “I’m worth mother”.

Surprised that so much is still being talked about, but in a negative way, the 29-year-old Frenchman just wants to turn the page and think about the Clausura 2022 Tournament Playoffsin which their cats are favorites to win the title, despite the last defeat against the Águilas del América.

Tips for Thauvin to hit him

One of the aspects that stands out in the Tigres squad is the unity under the command of experienced coach Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera, the absolute leader of the locker room.

Despite Thauvin’s episode with his coach in the match against the Azulcrema, it is clear in each training session and match who is the leader of the feline pack

In this context there is very good communication and camaraderie. Thauvin revealed that his compatriot and team captain, André-Pierre Gignac, and goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán advised him before the game against Rayados that he always watch Andrada, that he likes to go out of his way and that he could be caught off guard.

“Every day of the week Nahuel and Gignac grabbed me, and told me ‘Florian you have to kick the goal because Andrada is a goalkeeper who comes out a lot, a lot,'” he revealed in the talk.

When more than an hour of a hot game was running for what was being played, hundreds of fans chanting for their team Estadio Universitario of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Florian had good memories of the advice and a cool head to measure the ball and stick it in the Monterrey goal.

“The plan was to kick on goal. My first ball shouldn’t be a cross, but I didn’t have a chance, so I saw that it was going to be the change and I said to myself it’s my last ball, so I’m going to make a sign to Charly so that the goalkeeper thinks I’m going to cross it, but I was with my forehand and I did it perfectly”, highlighted the speedy midfielder.

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