Florentino Pérez responds to Laporta: "What exists is universal sociological Madridismo"

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Madrid, Nov 11 (EFE).- The head of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, responded to Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​to whom he recalled the 'Negreira case', trusting in justice and its timing, and clarifying that what "universal sociological Madridismo exists" for being the most followed club in the world.

"My reference to the Negreira case is brief because it is a matter in the hands of judges and we must be respectful of the times of justice. It is not normal for a football club to pay eight million over twenty years to a vice president of referees. We have appeared because it is the appropriate channel to defend our interests and we have been admitted as an injured party," he noted.

For Florentino Pérez, everything that is coming to light in the last few months of the 'Negreira case' "is seriously damaging the image of Spanish football in the world", but he assured that he trusts "in justice" before launching a response to Laporta .

"It is not the most appropriate thing to try to justify something so serious by attacking the main victims. My reflection on the new concept of sociological Madridismo is to specify that the correct thing would be to refer to the existence of a universal sociological Madridismo, because it exists," he stated.

"Real Madrid is the only club in the world with more than 500 million followers on social networks, a gigantic legion in all countries, the club with the most supporters clubs. It exists to the point that it was the founder of FIFA, the only one that created the European Cup, recognized as the best of the 20th century and excellently positioned to repeat in the 21st," he explained.

Hence, the Madrid president assures that there is a universal sociological Real Madridism because it is the "most beloved in the world, for its excellence, commitment, respect, universality and values ​​with which millions of fans identify, which Santiago Bernabéu represented like no one else, a forward at its time, which created the best stadium in the world for the best players," he stated before remembering the 25 European Cups won between football and basketball, which make Real Madrid "the best club in the world and in history."

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