Flexible work against burnout

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The hybrid work scheme is an option to reduce burnoutaccording to a study prepared by the IPADE Business School.

According to the document, When a person is continuously exposed to stressful work situations or overwork and lives with chronic stress, the syndrome known as burnout usually occurs.

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that this syndrome has three characteristics: lack of energy or excessive exhaustion; increased depersonalization, negativism or cynicism in labor relations; and feeling of ineffectiveness at work or lack of fulfillment in the workspace.

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During the pandemic, the conditions of isolation caused families, especially women, to have to add household chores to those of parenting, education and child care, as well as those of older adults or people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. In addition, workloads tended to have irregular hours and longer hours than before the pandemic, which led to stressful conditions,” explained Yvette Mucharraz y Cano, director of the Center for Research on Women in Senior Management (CIMAD).

He highlighted that the study shows that mothers presented a higher level of burnoutbecause their levels of exhaustion and depersonalization were higher, while, in effectiveness, the difference does not reflect a relevant change.

He commented that the level of income and work patterns are factors that mitigate the burnout phenomenon.

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