Flamengo is crowned champion of the Copa Libertadores 2022 | News

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With a balance of one goal to zero, the Brazilian soccer club Flamengo defeated another compatriot, Athletico Paranaense, this Saturday and won the Copa Libertadores for the third time.


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The final match of the tournament was played at the Monumental Banco Pichincha stadium, in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, where thousands of fans witnessed how striker Gabriel Barbosa (Gabigol) took advantage of a pass near the rival goal to score in extra minutes of the first weather.

The winning team showed superiority in possession of the ball in both periods of the match and imposed its numerical advantage after the expulsion of central defender Pedro Henrique for a foul on defender Airton Lucas.

Although Flamengo pressed during the second half with overflows from the sides and new arrivals at the Athletico Paranaense goal, the boys led by Luiz Felipe Scolari defended and avoided a larger score.

According to the press, this was the fifth final in the history of the Copa Libertadores that is played between Brazilian soccer clubs and the third in a row.

In the case of Flamengo, whose coach is Dorival Júnior, this award joins those he won during the 1981 and 2019 finals.

To prevent incidents, the Ecuadorian authorities deployed 10,000 police officers in Guayaquil, one of the most violent cities in Ecuador.

Press reports mention that insecurity, the high price of the ticket (100 dollars) and the absence of Ecuadorian clubs influenced the fact that the Monumental Banco Pichincha was not full, which in the opinion of the specialized press tarnished the final.

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