Five other police officers arrested for the murder of a young Argentine | News

Argentina’s Justice ordered this Sunday the arrest of five policemen from the City of Buenos Aires, under the accusation of covering up the crime of Lucas González, the young soccer player who was shot in the head last November in the Barracas neighborhood.


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According to the judicial document ordered by Judge Martín Del Viso and published by local media, a deputy commissioner and four officers were charged with “aggravated cover-up, aggravated illegal deprivation of liberty and ideological falsehood” based on the alteration of traces and evidence at the scene.

Presumably, Deputy Commissioner Ramón Jesús Chocobar and officers Sebastián Baidon, Jonathan Alexis Martínez, Ángel Darío Arévalos and Daniel Rubén Espinosa, who belong to the 4D Neighborhood Police Station of the city, were part of the events following the shooting against Lucas González and his three companions.

In turn, they were accused of applying torment and physical and psychological suffering to the companions of the 17-year-old.

With these other five detainees, there are already 14 arrested agents implicated in the soccer player’s murder. Three other police officers were previously processed with preventive detention for qualified homicide and another six for the aggravated cover-up of the fact.