Five deaths reported after floods in Petrópolis, Brazil | News

The Rio Fire Department in the Brazilian city of Janeiro registered five fatalities and four missing in Petrópolis on Monday as a result of heavy flooding, which caused last Sunday.


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According to the authority, at least 80 fatal events were reported in the town, caused by landslides after the floods, before which 149 residents required humanitarian assistance in the nearest rescue centers.

In this sense, the firefighters specified that a team of 150 rescuers operates in the most affected areas of the city by the floods; thus, sniffer dogs were placed in the area.

For its part, the Civil Defense of Petrópolis reported that the Brazilian city reported flooded sections of the highways, which were closed; among them, Rua da Imperatriz, Teresa, Saldanha Marinho, Gonçalves Dias and Avenida Barão do Rio Branco; as well as Piabanha.

“We take the opportunity to ask the population not to move at this time, to stay in a sheltered place, it is important that they stay in a safe place, do not try to move at this time, because the risk condition in flooding areas is very high,” warned Petrópolis Civil Defense Secretary Gil Kempers.

In parallel, the City Council decreed the suspension of classes in the municipality affected by the torrential rains, in addition to the bus service in the areas with risks of collapse; while 19 evacuation points were enabled.

“The force of water is very abundant. About 15 minutes after the start of the storm, the river overflowed and overflowed, causing the floods; what impressed me this time was really the speed at which the street was filled, about 15 minutes after the rain started,” explained a local resident, Marcílio Brito.

The Brazilian city, Petrópolis, is still recovering from the devastating floods registered on February 15, where 233 locals died; of them 44 infants, in addition to reporting events in more than 40 areas of the municipality, for a total of 5,200 landslides.