Firulais almost left a woman without her panties in a street fight

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“That one, eh!”, a subject is heard saying, while a woman argues with another person, apparently trans.

That's it,” it's another guy's voice.

Go ahead! Give it!”, encourages the first of the subjects.

The woman appears to be accompanied by a little boy who swats away.

In it video shared on social networks and replicated by account X (formerly Twitter) Viral Moments It is observed that they are taken from the hair.

The one wearing leggings walks away, trying to dodge the punches her opponent throws.

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It all happened in front of the laundry and the Rubio restaurant; Precisely, one person watches the fight without trying to stop it and another does not even flinch at the brawl, as if it were an everyday occurrence in this place.

The assholes… who are enjoying that fight and encouraging them to give it their all, if it were their mother, their sister or their daughter, would they enjoy it the same?” repudiated the user identified as eudocho. “Asshole… imbeciles!”

Jokingly, but seriously,” said Diana Bern. “Do you see the difference in the behavior of the dogs and that of the idiots who record?” She questioned.

But... What caught the attention of users was the intervention of several dogs.

One in particular, whom they called firulais, was the one that got the comments. And according to the users, he tried to prevent the fight by pulling on the leggings and he held them so well that he left the revealed the rear of one of the opponents.

Another of the dogs tries to pull the opponent, although he does not achieve his goal.

“Firulais exposed the rawness of street fights,” commented @jaime_bn123.

There was no shortage of jokes, like that of MaceWindu: “The other firulais (the one with the crazy ones) told this one the story, and this one, without thinking twice, wanted to check if there was no trap under the lycra.”

That's it, leave her without panties,” said Omar Saavedra. “That's the dog's name,” he clarified.

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