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The first hearing of the trial in which former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is accused of abuse of power during the campaign for the 2022 elections, concluded this Thursday in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of the Latin American nation.


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During his speech, the representative of the Public Ministry, Paulo Gonet Branco, asked that "the legal penalty" be applied, which would mean stripping the defendant of his political rights for a period of eight years.

The axis of the accusation is a meeting that the former president convened with fifty foreign ambassadors at the official residence of the Presidency on July 18, 2022, to disqualify the transparency of the electoral system.

Gonet Branco indicated that there is no doubt that this meeting "was called so that the international community" and "all of Brazilian society" would be "exposed to false allegations" and to "manipulation that could corrode the electoral process."

The objective of the meeting was none other than trying to "disturb the institutional normality of the democratic system," he said.

He also added that the "seriousness" of these events "was evident" with a movement that, after the electoral victory of current President Lula, took to the streets to ignore the results and demand that the Armed Forces carry out a military coup to prevent his takeover.

For his part, the lawyer representing the prosecution, Walber Agra, stated that Bolsonaro should be sentenced for his "abuses of power", but also for "coup practices".

According to the representative of the Democratic Labor Party, this last point is confirmed by two draft decrees found by the Police in the hands of close Bolsonaro advisers who proposed annulling the result of the polls after Lula's victory and even proposed a "military intervention". ".

This constitutes the first of the three hearings in the trial of the ex-president that will be resumed next Tuesday, when the investigator of the case, magistrate Benedito Gonçalves, presents his vote.

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