First contributions from El Cuchillo II arrive in Nuevo León

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At a rate of 1,200 liters per second, the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey will be able to count on contributions of water from this Friday. The Knife II which was inaugurated on September 13 by the governor of New Lion, Samuel García, and the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Nine days after the inauguration, the state president visited the San Roque water treatment plant where he released the air valve to the water treatment plant tank, located in the municipality of Juárez.

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“Today is a very important day for this state, I dare say historic,” said the head of the state executive during his speech.

He mentioned that the joint work of the authorities of the different levels of government managed to consolidate the project to which other rulers circumvented him for 30 years.

He indicated that the initial contribution is 1,200 additional liters per second and in a second stage the number will double.

“Until we achieve the final goal where El Cuchillo, the most important dam in Nuevo León, will give us double the amount of water for the entire city”

The governor explained that great projects are coming for Nuevo León from the Federation, but he did not want to advance anything.

“They're not going to see me, they're going to want me to fight (with the Federation) and boy, I was tough when I was a senator, but now I'm more tempered.”

He recalled that Monterrey since its founding, 427 years ago, He has always had difficulties with the issue of water because it is a semi-desert area.

He added that now with climate change, weather forecasts are unpredictable because it had been said in March that Nuevo León had unusual rains with the El Niño phenomenon.

“Climate change has already broken all existing and future models”he mentioned.

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He specified that in the state it has not rained even 20 percent of the average year, while the growth of the city is accelerated.

“140 thousand Mexicans come to Nuevo León each year to live for jobs and opportunities"said García, who highlighted that this is without counting births in the entity.

At this Friday's event, the state president was accompanied by the director of Water and Drainage, Juan Ignacio Barraganand the general director of the Cuenca Río Bravo de Conagua organization, Luis Carlos Alatorre.

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