First commercial flight leaves Acapulco with stranded tourists

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During the president's morning conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador, The head of the Secretary of the Navy reported that the first Aeroméxico flight has already left for Mexico City with tourists stranded in Acapulco due to Hurricane Otis.

A second flight will be You will fly at 8:00 in the morning this Friday, October 27.

8:40 AM another plane will leave Long live Aerobús heading to CDMX.

The official added that tomorrow we will see how the behavior of flights and passengers is taking place and with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation The number of flights to CDMX could be increased or to the port of Acapulco.


Meanwhile, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, linked up to give a report on the Acapulco International Airport where an air bridge was established yesterday. After reviewing the security conditions, it was determined that flights could be made. diurnal towards the city of Acapulco.

He added that controlled commercial lines from Mexico City will arrive at said airport to evacuate tourists and the local population.

“On the flights that arrive, specialist doctors from the IMSS will arrive to join the support that is being provided”

The other air bridge is the Military Air Base 7 in Pie de la Cuesta, the base is being used to concentrate all the food supplies, water, aid for the population and on empty trips people who need it will be evacuated. require,” he added.

Distributed pantries

To date, 7 thousand food supplies have been distributed in various neighborhoods, as well as 7 thousand liters of water. Today, 40 tons of supplies will be transported from Mexico City to Pie de la Cuesta with aircraft from the Mexican Air Force.


Yesterday, support was provided with 150 buses to remove tourists and locals from the damaged area. Two points were established outside the city of Acapulco that would allow the avenues not to be filled or saturated, this was on the Costa Azul and Caseta La Venta.

This Friday there will be another 150 buses to carry out the same population evacuation activity.


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