First Case of Monkeypox Detected in Puerto Rico | News


Puerto Rico reported its first confirmed case of monkeypox on Wednesday, according to the secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, Carlos Mellado López.


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The headline called on the population to monitor “the clinical symptoms and epidemiological criteria of this virus so that we can prevent contagion and stop any chain of transmission.”

No details about the patient are known, but the authorities have declared that he is isolated at home with a stable stay and under the medical care of the health center in charge.

By the way, Carlos Mellado declared that “fortunately” they have “a robust surveillance system prepared to deal with this situation.”

On the other hand, the main medical officer of Health, Dr. Iris Cardona, notified that the health centers are coordinating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “to evaluate the cases and contacts that require some type of treatment”.

In addition, an immediate and mandatory notification line has been arranged for health providers from the Epidemiology office and a portal for providers with educational material and the surveillance guide.

The CDC reported that they will deliver 240,000 doses of the specific Jynneos smallpox vaccine to people who have established contact with someone infected in several states.

Carlos Mellado urged people with “associated symptoms” to consult “their health service provider immediately.”

Monkeypox causes skin rashes, and other symptoms such as headache, fatigue, sore throat, and cough.

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