Firestone to pay nearly $4 million in fines for waste mismanagement in 29 California cities

Firestone auto repair and maintenance company will pay nearly $4 million to 29 California cities and countiesfor illegally disposing of hazardous waste in their stores.

The chain, which operates as Firestone Complete Auto Care at more than 150 locations in California, was sued for allegedly failing to properly manage hazardous waste such as solvents, automotive fluids, aerosol sprays, batteries, and electronic devices. In addition, he also did not delete the client’s confidential information on the paperwork that he discarded in the trash.

According to the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, the investigation into the alleged waste dump began in 2016when investigators in Northern California inspected Firestone dumpsters and found “non-empty hazardous waste containers and pages of customer records.”

San Diego District Attorney Mara W. Elliott said, “We expect big companies like Firestone to be careful about the environment. By teaming up with other prosecutors, we were able to hold them accountable. We all have a duty to keep our air and water clean.”

through the agreement, Firestone ordered to pay nearly $2.9 million in civil penalties and more than $1 million in investigative costs and training expenses. According to the District Attorney’s Office, Firestone cooperated with the investigations and “took steps to improve its compliance with environmental and consumer protection violations brought to its attention.”

Civil penalties from the city of San Diego will be $100,000, which the prosecutor’s office says is for violations at Firestone locations in San Diego.