Fires leave almost 200,000 hectares burned in Spain | News


The 2022 fire season in Spain, amid sweltering temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, is not over yet, but the fire has already devoured nearly 200,000 hectares of forest, according to estimates from the European Forest Fire Information System. (Effis).


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In less than seven months, the burned surface already exceeds that which burned in all of 2012, which until now was the worst year since there are records.

The fire in Losacio, province of Zamora, which has burned around 30,000 hectares, has become the largest fire in two decades.

If the balance of June already left devastating data with more than 80,000 hectares burned, the situation has not gotten better.

The month of July has been even more devastating and the around 200,000 hectares that have burned since January until now represent an area similar to the island of Tenerife.

Meanwhile, the fire is still out of control in Galicia, where a wave of fires in several municipalities is worrying. In A Pobra do Brollón, in Lugo, Effis data estimates that more than 13,000 hectares have burned.

Spain is the European country most affected by fires so far this year, followed by Romania (149,264 hectares), Portugal (44,839), France (39,904 hectares), Croatia (30,889 hectares) and Italy (24,698 hectares), according to the figures thrown by Effis.

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