Firefighter from Mexico as in 2013: Raúl Jiménez gave El Tri the victory over Panama with a very dubious penalty in the last minutes [Video]

Raúl Jiménez once again scored an important goal for Mexico against Panama.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

The Tri doubtfully passed a new test in the octagonal Concacaf. Mexico defeated Panama at the Azteca Stadium thanks to a penalty goal by Raúl Jiménez which left Los Canaleros behind in the standings.

It was not an easy game for those led by Gerardo "Tata" Martino, who found themselves with a rival capable of fighting toe-to-toe throughout the 90 minutes.

The first clear had Panama in the first quarter of an hour. Héctor Herrera avoided the goal with a clearance on the line.

Mexico had to wait until the second half to create danger. Raul Jimenez gave its first notice by starting the plugin. He received a pass from Hirving Lozano and scored, but the goal was annulled by VAR.

The ball went out of bounds during the pass.

After game time, El Tri was further complicated by a new injury to Hirving Lozanowho immediately abandoned the duel and was taken to a hospital.

And when everything pointed to a draw, Raul Jimenez appeared.

Raúl Jiménez: hero of Mexico

As with that remembered Chilean in 2013 against the same rival, Raul Jimenez He put on the hero cape on his return - he missed the first two games of the double date - and gave El Tri the victory after converting a rather doubtful penalty with only 10 minutes left to play.

The referee pointed out a foul on Diego Lainez that was not reviewed by the VAR. Judge for yourselves.

Seconds later, the “Firefighter” prevented Mexico from further complicating their way to Qatar and scored the penalty. Another important goal on his account with the Mexican team.

El Tri won the game that he couldn't lose.

Concacaf Octagonal Final: Standings

Everything remains practically the same in the Concacaf qualifiers: Canada beat El Salvadoris still the leader of the octagonal and is just one victory away from securing its place in Qatar 2022. The selection of the Maple leaf, barring disaster, will be in the World Cup.

The United States overwhelmed Honduras and kept second place. with the win, Mexico took advantage of four points to Panama and straightens his World Cup path.

Panama is the injured team, because it moved away from the direct ticket to the World Cup and saw how Costa Rica -who beat Jamaica earlier in the day- came within just one point.

The Savior -virtually eliminated-, Jamaica Y Honduras close the leaderboard.

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