Fired at protesters in Medellin, Colombia | News

Armed civilians fired on Friday at demonstrators who had taken refuge in the headquarters of the University of Antioquia, in Medellín, in northwestern Colombia, reported humanitarian organizations and local media.


New massacre denounced in Cauca, Colombia

The NGO Social Process of Guarantees (PSG) for the work of human rights defenders in Antioquia revealed in a tweet that “a few minutes ago armed men shot at demonstrators outside the University of Antioquia.”

“This reminds us of the paramilitary incursion against social protest in Colombia that has already left people murdered,” added the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) on its Twitter account.

The Radio el Libertador Rancagua station published a video of the event on Twitter and stated that at least one armed civilian “shot at people who were leaving the University in a humanitarian cordon.”

After affirming that there is an eye injury, the media outlet sued the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, to stop the intervention of the Mobile Anti-riot Squad (Esmad) of the National Police “which is violating human rights.”

Dozens of people held a march this Friday in Medellin, as part of the commemoration of the nine months since the start of the National Strike, and in rejection of increases in public transport fares, tolls, gasoline and food.

The demonstration was suppressed by Esmad agents, so the participants sought refuge in the facilities of the University of Antioquia.

The senator for the Patriotic Pole, Wilson Arias, stated on his Twitter account: “My total rejection of the explosive attack in Cali, but also the armed attack by civilians against young protesters in Medellín. What protest does not cost life!