Fire leaves at least 19 dead in New York, USA | News

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New York City authorities reported this Sunday on the occurrence of a fire in a residential building in the Bronx district, which has left a preliminary balance of 19 deaths, including nine children.


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New York Mayor Eric Adams described the incident as one of the most devastating in the recent history of that American city. "The numbers are horrible," Adams remarked.

In this regard, the chief of the New York Fire Department (FDNY, acronym in English), Dan Nigro, expressed that there is an estimated figure of at least 63 injured, of which 32 hospitalized individuals are reported, including 13 whose condition is critical.

Nigro explained that victims were found on all floors of the building by rescuers, many of them reported serious, and mostly as a result of smoke inhalation.

"Heart disease and respiratory arrest were the main manifestations of the victims, who were immediately transferred to various hospitals in the city; therefore, the loss of more human lives has not yet been ruled out," according to the FDNY representative.

Who also added that more than 200 FDNY personnel were transferred to the scene of the events to contain the fire, without the cause of the fire being known yet.

Which began in a duplex located on the second floor of the 19-story building, and that according to Nigro “as a result of the main doors of the building being open, the air currents led to the vertiginous spread of the fire, in a little way habitual".

The New York authorities pointed out that an investigation is still being carried out in order to clarify the causes that gave rise to the accident; which they compared with the one that happened in the Bronx itself in 1990, at the Happy Land nightclub and that claimed the lives of 87 people.

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