Fire in Ecuador consumes about 30 hectares of vegetation | News


A fire detected on Wednesday in the San Vicente area, Ecuador’s Manabí province, consumed between 20 and 30 hectares of vegetation.


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As detailed by the security authorities, to stop the advance of the flames, it was necessary to mobilize volunteers from the Fire Department of the cantons of Chone, Portoviejo, Manta, Sucre, and San Vicente.

One of the main issues that worried the Ecuadorian authorities, and for which they had to quickly mobilize as many forces as possible, was the proximity of the fire to the urban area of ​​the Manabita canton.

However, despite the proximity of the fire to the urban area, no deaths or injuries were reported, according to the press release from the Integrated Security Service of Ecuador (ECU911).

The statement revealed that, after a good part of the accident was extinguished, several sources were reactivated due to the winds that rekindled the flames.

The prefect of Manabí, José Leonardo Orlando Arteaga, regretted what happened in the area and reported the activation of “an emerging remediation plan through the Environment and Risks Directorate, so that it can be applied in conjunction with the different levels of Government”.

Ecuador joins several South American nations such as Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, which are being affected by forest fires caused, to a large extent, by the high temperatures that have been registered, unprecedented or that were not reached for more than 20 years .

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