Find out where the lunar eclipse can be seen this Sunday | News


The National Geographic Institute of Spain announced this Friday that during the next night from May 15 to Monday, May 16, 2022, the world will be able to appreciate the first total lunar eclipse of the year, which will be fully visible in the European nation.


First “Black Moon” of the year will appear this Saturday

According to the institution, the cosmic event will be observed with the naked eye, without the need for special instruments, since it does not threaten the safety of human health.

He also added that during it, the moon instead of being dark will be painted red, because a fraction of sunlight is deflected by the Earth’s atmosphere; which filters all the components of white sunlight, passing only the red; which is why the eclipse is called the blood moon.

It is worth specifying that in correspondence with the selected areas to appreciate the event it will be possible to fully observe its total and partial phases, or only part of them; because the moon will set before the end of the astronomical phenomenon.

On the other hand, from the eastern part of North America, Central and South America, people will enjoy the highest visibility and totality of the eclipse, depending on weather conditions.

In addition, the partial phases of the phenomenon will be visible in Africa and the Middle East, only the inhabitants of Alaska, Asia and Australia will not be able to appreciate the blood moon of 2022.

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