Find out what is the new feature available on Netflix that many users requested

Users will now be able to delete half-finished shows they no longer want to watch.


Netflix will finally allow its users to delete shows from the “continue watching” section of your application.

It means that Anyone can remove half-finished shows from their playlist and that you have no intention of completing.

The new feature is available in the US and UK across Netflix’s web, mobile and TV apps, The Verge reported.

To remove something from the carousel on your smart TV, select the desired option and press the new “remove from queue” option.

In the mobile app, the same option appears when you tap on the three vertical dots menu on the program card. On the desktop, hover over the card you want to remove.

You can quickly press the button a second time to undo the deletion in case you change your mind.

Fans have been asking for a way to remove content from his ongoing carousel for years.

It appears in your feed on the Netflix app and website along with categories like “award-winning movies,” “trending now,” and “comedies.”

While the series of unwatched shows is a useful way to pick up watching a show right where you left off after your last session, it often clutters up with unwanted stuff.

If you’ve watched an episode of a drama that you didn’t like, for example, that show can stay in your continuation section for months.

Fans took to social media to salute the new tool, which finally allows them to remove the embarrassing shows they’d rather hide from their feed.

One Twitter user wrote: “A ‘remove from continue watching’ button just appeared on my Netflix, and I swear my life has changed forever.”

Another said: “They added a button to remove from continue watching on Netflix bro this is crazy.”

And a third chimed in: “Yes, I can finally remove the temptation to continue watching what I’ve already seen a dozen times and try new content.”

It comes weeks after Netflix announced a controversial price increase in the United States.

Increases of between $1 and $2 on all monthly subscription levels of the service make it the most expensive streaming platform in the country.

Netflix’s top 4K plan bumped up the $20 per month fee from $18 before, while the lowest subscription tier went up a dollar to hit the $10 fee.

The app’s most popular mid-range subscription tier went from $14 per month to $15.50.

This adjustment made Netflix the most expensive streaming service compared to similar plans offered by HBO Max, Showtime, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount Plus and other major streaming services. This is the sixth time the company has increased its monthly fees since 2014. The most recent one affecting users in North America was implemented in October 2020.