Find out the price of the luxurious costumes that Karol G wore on the 'Today Show'

Karol G on 'Today Show'.

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Karol G closed June in style. The 'Bichota' managed to gather an impressive crowd of more than 15,000 people in the famous Rockefeller Center plaza in New York, thus setting a new record for the 'Today Show' Citi Concert Series.

The thousands of people who lined up in the streets of the 'Big Apple', even from the night before, enjoyed listening to and chanting with the Colombian songs like 'Amargura' and 'Mientras me curo del cora'.

For the important occasion, the interpreter of the album 'Mañana Será Bonito' She wore two 'outfits' that made her look stunning and here we tell you what she used and how much it costs.

In the show, Karol G wowed with an exquisite outfit consisting of a lilac V-neck long-sleeved sweater and a dazzling white skirt with a slit at the back that revealed magenta knee-high boots .

The sweater worn by the singer from Medellín is a design by the renowned Diesel brand, whose sale price reaches $395 dollars. In the case of the striking boots belong to the exclusive firm Rick Owens, with a value of $4,730 dollars. On the skirt there are no records of what brand she used or its price.

How much did the accessories cost?

To harmonize and finish giving a spectacular touch to her look, Karol G chose to wear a necklace with a purple crucifix that stood out This accessory is from the Cross brand and It has a cost of $395 dollars. In addition, he wore two Molten rings valued at $368 dollars and $140 dollarsrespectively.

The Sound Check Outfit

Carolina Giraldo, the first name of the "Bichota", arrived very early on stage to perform a sound check, to do this she was seen with a relaxed "look", but which also made her look wonderful.

This locker room was an Acne Studios brand t-shirt valued at 1,900 Swedish kronor ($175.56)a jAmbush ean of about 352 euros ($384 dollars) and some white block-heeled sandals from the designer brand Balenciaga that are valued at $1,400 dollars.

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