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Liliana Moscoso

The Mexican Under 23 National Team called up 22 soccer players to close their preparation for the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

Coach Ricardo Cadena's list included 19 players from Liga MX, two from Major League Soccer (MLS) and one who plays in Europe.

Before the continental tournament, which will be inaugurated on October 20, the Tricolor led by Ricardo Cadena will hold two friendlies on American soil.

The first will be against the United States Sub 23, on October 11, and against the youth representative of Japan on the 14th; Both games will be played at the Phoenix Rising Soccer Stadium in Arizona.

In Cadena's call for the pair of friendlies, the absences of goalkeeper José Rangel (Chivas), midfielder Rodrigo Huescas (Cruz Azul) and Roberto de la Rosa (Pachuca) stand out.


Without any major surprises, the goal will be guarded by Eduardo García (Chivas) and Fernando Tapia (Querétaro).

Defenders: Antonio Leone (Los Angeles FC), Diego Campillo (Ju√°rez), Emilio Lara (Am√©rica), Jes√ļs Garza (Tigres), Mauricio Isa√≠s (Toluca), Oscar Villa (Le√≥n), Pablo Monroy (Pumas) and Rafael Fern√°ndez (Tijuana) ).

Midfielders: Erik Lira (Cruz Azul), Fidel Ambriz (León), Jairo Torres (Chicago Fire), Jordan Carrillo (Sporting Gijón), Sebastián Pérez Bouquet (Juárez) and Ramiro Arciga (Mazatlán).

Forwards: Ali √Āvila (Rayados), Brayan Gonz√°lez (Pachuca), Diego Medina (Santos), Ettson Ay√≥n (Quer√©taro), Jes√ļs Br√≠gido (Chivas) and Raymundo Fulgencio (Tigres).

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