FIA delays second free practice at Las Vegas GP

FIA delays second free practice at Las Vegas GP
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The second free practice of the Las Vegas Grand Prix will run until six in the morning, central Mexico time. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Formula 1 They decided to delay the trial, after mishap who suffered Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz.

During the first free practice the driver of the Prancing Horse It impacted one of the 120 sewers that exist in the Las Vegas Street Circuit and that only allowed nine minutes of training in the Capital of Sin to be completed... the actions were not resumed.

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In his official account of the social network X, Formula 1 gave a glimpse of the causes of mishap of the Spanish Saiz and although he did not state it, he did point out that one of the almost 120 sewers on the track had a problem and that the engineers and workers of the Grand Prix are working to leave the track at 100 percent.

“Following an FIA inspection it was discovered that a concrete frame around a manhole cover failed during FP1.”

Besides, F1 highlighted that it will be until 6:00amMexico time, when the practice can be carried out, which, to benefit the teams, will last 90 minutes and not the 60 minutes in which rehearsals are normally carried out.

Practice 2 is expected to begin at 2am (4am Mexico time) local Las Vegas time. This will be carried out so that the engineering team can complete the work on the layout. The session will last 90 minutes.

It should be noted that the most of the fans withdrew and it is expected that very few will return at six in the morning to attend the second free practice. There are still many checks on the route to avoid any other mishap for the drivers.



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