Festival inspired by the flower of the dead is ready in Hidalgo

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On the occasion of the upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations, flower growers from the community of Doxey, in the municipality of Tlaxcoapan, announced the Doxey Flower Festivalevent that They have various activities planned to be carried out in the floral fieldssuch as live music, artistic events and gastronomic exhibitions.

This event will take place next October 28 and 29, in the fields of Tlaxcoapan that once again flourished due to the work carried out by more than 70 marigold flower producers, an ornament that will reach Mexican homes to give color to the altars for the festivities alluding to the Day of the Dead and Xantolo.

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Perla Mercedes Hernandez, member of the Flower Growers and Flower Festival Committee, He explained that, for the festival, the cempasúchil growing areas will be decorated with monumental catrinas, accompanied by dancers of pre-Hispanic music, regional folkloric ballet, poblano ballet. Prizes will be awarded to the best catrinas that land in the plots.

The producer reported that the organizing committee will hold an athletic race, on a circuit that will be set up among the fields full of flowers. Registration is 250 pesos and includes a shirt, number and medal.

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Doxey is a community with an agricultural vocation in Hidalgo, where the largest production it generates is the harvest of the marigold flower. Currently around 60 hectares are used for this activity, where More than 70 local producers collaborate.

Mercedes Hernández indicated that in addition to cempasúchil, Doxey flower growers also grow “Manita de León”, “Girasol”, “Cirsália” and “Nube”, in a wide variety of colors.

During the promotion of the festival, Arturo Vargas, president of the flower growers, considered that the most important thing about the event will be that visitors can learn about the flower production process, “which is part of our culture”in addition to being able to purchase this type of products directly from the producer.

“Those who visit Doxey will be able to appreciate the beauty of the marigold fields and enjoy an unparalleled experience, where they will cut their own flowers and take a couple of souvenirs.”or,” he said.

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