Ferran Gallart, singer of Strombers, died

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It seems that the sorrows continue without respite in the world of entertainment and music. This is because it was announced yesterday that the singer of the ska and reggae group, Strombers, Ferran Gallart, died at the age of 50.

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On Instagram Strombersthe band members shared the unfortunate news that their partner, the vocalist, Ferran Gallar, had died after having suffered from cancer and fight with the disease for a while.

Similarly, the group from Cardona, Catalonia, Strombersknown for his songs 'Cada Cop Que Rius' or 'Per Molts Anys', took the opportunity to say goodbye to your dear friend and great artist, Ferran Gallarwith a tender message.

“By following his spirit, we will perpetuate his legacy and remember him as he wanted, with joy and music. “Fly high Ferran,” they wrote in the publication.

On the other hand, in the image description that they shared on social networks, where you can see Ferran Gallar giving one of their shows, while staring and pointing at the camera, you can see the great affection they felt for the artist; They even considered it as the essential part, that gave life to their successes as a musical group.

“Ferran has been the soul of the Strombers that has occasionally made more than one generation enjoy numerous festivals around the country, always emitting good energy and happiness,” they wrote.

Strombers History

The group Strombers is striking for venturing into different types of musicbut they specialize in tropical rhythms such as ska, reggae, cumbias and even country. And, the group started as a simple way to pass the time in the late 1990s, the project took shape until they played big festivals.

The determination of the Strombers band It was such that they even formed their own record label, managing to release seven independent albums and play in different places, where Ferran Gallart he gave his all. However, now his colleagues, family and fans will remember him as the great artist he was, after his death.

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