Fernando Ortiz predicts boring match against Pumas in CU

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Fernando Ortizcoach of Rayados, understands that play away against Pumas at noon next Sunday it will be complicatedso even predicts it will be boring the meeting during periods.

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The game may go through different stages where there is pressure, where it is boring, because that time usually happens where the physical and not the mental prevails more and it becomes boring, but whoever is more intelligent, I said it before, and knows how to understand the moments where I have to push in each part of the field is going to be the difference," he mentioned.

For Ortiz there should be no errors in decision making before the university students, he also spoke about the evolution of Sergio Canales in his rehabilitation.

We expect a rival that becomes strong at home. We know the way Antonio plays. We know the hierarchy that Antonio has in the teams he directs. We expect an aggressive Pumas in the first minutes. Then, obviously, the weather, the schedule, the altitude. Obviously, the game is going to end at some point."

Whoever is smarter when making decisions can win. Sergio. Sergio is fine, he is evolving. Honestly, I don't know whether to tell you if we can tell it. As the days go by and that injury recovers even better, we may have it," he said.

Rayados still has two games pendingso it will have a busy schedule in the coming weeksso the Tano consider rotating between the various upcoming matches.

In the series of matches, surely at some point I will have to look for a rotation, which match I am going to make the decision for, I don't know, but the young man who is prepared and capable of being in the starting eleven is going to play. We have always demonstrated that."

If I consider that the young man is ready to play and no matter the name in the eleven, he will be there. And yes, by having that streak, as he told you, there may be rotations, I don't know which game, but I hope to be able to have them all healthy so that I can have that possibility of rotating," he indicated.


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