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Fernando Colunga, famous Mexican actor, spoke for the first time like never before about his mysterious love life. In interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castanedathe protagonist of soap operas like 'Tomorrow is Forever' He revealed whether he is currently single or with a partner.

Besides to explain your emotional statethe actor also spoke about the reasons why until now there are no photographs where he is with a partner. This is what she said.

Fernando Colunga began his studies in Civil Engineering (Special)

After the great expectation generated by the return of Fernando Colunga to Mexican television with the soap opera, 'The Hex'produced by José Alberto Castro, the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda the actor spoke about why he prefers to maintain his personal and sentimental life away from the public spotlight And the media.

"I had a very good relationship, I was doing very well, the day it was made public it became a disaster, so I learned that way, but I also realized that throughout that process it didn't even give me more for my career, I I realized that it was not the path I wanted to take to use anyone or have anyone use me to try to appear, the truth is that I decided that that was not my path," he said.

The changes that Fernando Colunga has had throughout his career (Special)
The changes that Fernando Colunga has had throughout his career (Special)

Fernando Colunga avoids being photographed with his girlfriend

In the interview that was published on the YouTube channel of

Mara Patricia Castaneda


the protagonist of soap operas

revealed the reason why there is no photograph where he appears with his girlfriend, and

He was grateful that several journalists have supported him

to keep their romance out of the spotlight.

"I have found myself coming with my wife, a lot of people on planes, truly respectable journalists and nothing else makes them laugh and they tell me 'don't worry, I'm not going to say anything because I know what you are like and you don't want to muddy your private life, I respect that. Because I have also maintained that consistency all my life," he declared.

Fernando Colunga opens up and talks about his "wife"

The actor He was quite blunt in not giving details. about the identity of his current partner, however, Fernando Colunga spoke for the first time about women who occupies his heart, who according to the actor, understands how he manages his career and supports him.

"They treat me very well and put up with me, which is not that easy. You know that this business is demanding and when you work it is difficult for someone to understand the situation, fortunately my wife understands and supports me, that is the most important thing," shared.

Why hasn't Fernando Colunga been a father?

The protagonist of 'The Usurper' He also touched on the topic of fatherhood, and revealed that he has not had the opportunity to be a father, because the paths of your life They have not led him to that.

"I am still in the process. I have never been reluctant to have a child and if I have not had one it is really because life had not wanted

that he did it, somehow he had gotten me out," he concluded.


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