Fernanda Castillo joins the list of celebrities who have tested positive for COVID: “Everyone in the family had symptoms”


Fernando Castillo.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

The actress Fernando Castillo He is one of the many celebrities who have been infected with COVID-19 over the last month.

It was through her Instagram stories where the protagonist of “A Woman Without a Filter” confirmed that she, her husband Erik Hayser, and his son Liam, were infected with Coronavirus.

I’ve been a bit absent because it turned out that I had Covid, in the last tests that they did to us I came out positive, and a bit like everyone in the family had symptoms, because we isolated ourselves. We understood that despite the fact that we had come out negative in many antigens, we were surely positive,” he explained.

After what happened, Castillo suggested doing PCR tests since the new Ómicron variant is giving false negatives in the antigen test.

“I think it is very important that we share this information that this variant (Ómicron) is not appearing in the new tests and we have to continue taking care of ourselves and taking care of others”, he stressed.

The interpreter of Mónica Robles in the television series “El Señor de los Cielos” assured that they were already well and without symptoms, however, to rule out her and her family, another test was carried out that was negative.

In less than a year, the actress has faced several health problems, since in early 2021 she had postpartum complications that put her life at risk. While, a few weeks ago, he shared through his social networks that he suffered from a disease that children often suffer from, ruling out at that time a Coronavirus infection.

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