Femicide decreases by 37 percent in CDMX

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In Mexico City, with 38 murders registered from January 1 to September 15 of this 2023, the commission of this crime registered a decrease of 37 percent, compared to the same period in 2020, when 60 murders against women were recorded, reported the capital's Attorney General of Justice, Ernestina Godoy. .

Of the total, those responsible for these femicides “They have been arrested and the cases have been brought to justice,” said Godoy Ramos.

During the presentation of the monthly Advance of the “Alert for Violence against Women” September 2023, the capital prosecutor recalled that in the country's capital, as of 2019, "unlike other entities, here in the city, every violent death of any women "It is investigated under the feminicide protocol, which has allowed us to reduce impunity and reduce this atrocious crime," to remove the aggressors from the streets, he emphasized.

Besides the decrease in the incidence of the crime of femicide, said policy implemented by the former head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaumhas allowed an increase by 67 percent in the number of aggressors brought before a judge, for the crime of femicide, with 87 people charged with this crime, from January 1 to September 15 of this year, the prosecutor said. Godoy Ramos.

The head of the Prosecutor's Office added that the institutional transformation that has promoted the Declaration of Alert on Gender Violence in the City for Mexico City, which will be two years old next November, has made it possible to increase the capacity of the Prosecutor's Office to “offer truth and justice for women”, with 12,495 aggressors of women charged, “for all types of gender violence”, from January 1, 2019 to September 15 of this year.

“We went from charging an average of 166 aggressors per month in 2019 to 260 aggressors in 2023, this means an increase of 57 percent,” said the prosecutor.

SOS MUJERES has responded to 103 thousand calls for help

At the event, in which the campaign against violence sexist, aimed at changing the relationship between men and women, the head of the Women's Secretariat, Ingrid Saracíbar, reported that from July of last year, to September 15, 2023, through the Line YOU ARE WOMEN *756 103,720 calls were answered, of which 89,595 were emergency calls and 14,124 were guidance calls.

On a monthly average there have been received 8,643 calls for help or guidance *765 Gómez Saracíbar specified.

In this same period - from July of last year to September 15, 2023 - in the shelter and comprehensive care centers for women and minors at risk, the calls MOONSthe territorial units for care and prevention of gender violence, of the Women's Secretariat, 1,571 women have been removed from critical and feminicide risk.

In due course, the Undersecretary of Institutional Development of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, Marcela Figueroa Francohighlighted the efforts that the institution has made to provide protection to the women and girls of this city.

Among them, the launch of the Specialized Gender Unit, which has responded to 1,179 complaints, since its opening in December 2019 to date.

“Of them, 446 police officers were sanctioned, of which 170 were o dismissed”, reported Figueroa Franco.


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