Felipe VI: The King defends before European leaders “a true peace not based on force” | International

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Felipe VI defended tonight in the Alhambra, at the dinner offered to the more than 40 leaders gathered at the third summit of the European Political Community (CPE), a “true peace not based on the strength of a single person but on consent. of everyone, big and small.” Previously, the King had held a meeting in the premises of the Nasrid palace with the president of Ukraine, Volodomir Zelenski, which was attended by the foreign ministers of the two countries, José Manuel Albares and Dimitro Kuleba. Later, accompanied by Queen Letizia, he received the European leaders one by one in the Patio de Los Leones.

In a speech entirely in English, the King presented Granada as “a unique example of cultural fusion in Europe”, a “city proud of its history”, as is Spain itself, a meeting place for tourists and students of multiple countries, “a European public square” open to “free discussion and thought.”

Felipe VI greets the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, with whom he held a meeting, at the Alhambra Palace this Thursday, October 5, 2023. José Jiménez (Casa Real/EFE)

He then referred to Europe as a continent with a complex history and, still today, “with sometimes different national positions and different cultural references.” “Perhaps the combination of this history with our diverse points of view and sensibilities has been the real reason why over the last few decades we have managed to come together around common values,” he continued. “About the aspiration for true peace, not based on the strength of a single person but on the free consent of all, great and small” and for a “true democracy, as the regime that best respects our diversity within our borders.” and throughout the continent,” he stressed.

After ensuring that the European countries gathered in Granada, despite their diversity, constitute "a political community, with shared values, aspirations and interests", he praised the role of the CPE as a place to find common positions that allow "the voice of Europe be heard in the world.”

In the presence of leaders such as the Hungarian Viktor Orbán, who are committed to the ethnic homogeneity of their respective countries, the King has presented the “spirit of Granada”, visible in the “magical” Alhambra, as a reminder of what “diversity and tolerance can contribute when channeled as an advantage, as a resource” and not as a problem.

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