Federation and Government of Michoacán resume free traffic on the Ario-La Huacana highway


Michoacán.- Through a joint operation, the Government of Michoacán and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), as well as the National Guard, resumed free transit on the Ario de Rosales-La Huacana road section.

In an action carried out by the Government Secretariat and the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) in coordination with the municipal and federal authorities, the illegal highway checkpoints that civilians maintained in the area were deactivated.

In the joint operation, the elements were deployed in the different points of the region to free the road accesses where there were barricades, installed by groups that identified themselves as self-defense groups.

In the town of El Cangrejo, between the limits of Ario de Rosales and La Huacana, a pen that limited free transit was knocked down.

Similarly, an Inter-institutional Operations Base was installed in this town between the municipal, state and federal security areas to reinforce patrolling and surveillance work in the area.

The actions were carried out in collaboration with and support for both the municipal authorities of Ario de Rosales and La Huacana, in which no confrontations took place.

With information from the Government of Michoacán

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