Federal deputies of the PRD denounce before the INE to peers of Morena, for political violence on the basis of gender


Mexico.- Federal deputies of the PRD Parliamentary Group, Fabiola Rafael Dircio, Olga Luz Espinosa Morales, Gabriela Sodi Miranda and Edna Díaz Acevedo, went to the headquarters of the National Electoral Institute (INE) to file complaints against federal deputies of the Parliamentary Group of Morena, whom they accuse of engaging in political violence based on gender.

Through a statement they indicated that with these complaints they followed up on the procedures undertaken since Monday in which the congresswomen appeared before the Ethics Committee of the Chamber of Deputies to present the respective complaints against the deputies Marisol García Segura and Andrea Chávez Treviño , as well as the deputies Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, Leonel Godoy and Ignacio Mier, the latter vice-coordinator and coordinator, respectively, of the Morena Parliamentary Group. Other legislators and officials of the Federal Government will also be incorporated soon.

“As a parliamentary faction, we are reviewing and collecting all the evidence available and necessary to continue on the legal route for the defense of our human and political-electoral rights; but beyond that, of those who voted for our party in the elections last year, as well as for the ‘Va por México’ coalition”, said the deputy coordinator of the GPPRD, Elizabeth Pérez Valdez who, together with members of the National Directorate of PRD, accompanied the aforementioned legislators.

In this sense, Karen Quiroga Anguiano, Secretary of Gender Equality of the PRD, maintained that not only precautionary measures will be requested for the deputies, but also those of protection and will resort to criminal proceedings, “because not only have they been attacked verbally, but physically. Every time they get close they are pushed, run over; and we will be requesting that the people who are being denounced do not re-enter the session venue and participate remotely.”

“The comments have been quite risqué, but also the persecution that is given to each of our deputies, for which we will be requesting not only through the electoral route, but also through the criminal route that these security measures can be given. protection. No more violent inside a room where the discussion is in the highest tribune of this country. We do not want them to re-enter the premises, we do not want them to be close to our deputies whom they have violated, ”he emphasized.

Fabiola Rafael Dircio, deputy for the state of Guerrero, denounced the morenista president of the Health Commission, Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, who, last Sunday during the discussion of the Electricity Reform, approached the PRD seat dressed in a suit electrician worker to offend her: “he threatened me, he physically attacked me, he was super aggressive and apart from that he discriminated against me, for which I demand that the law be complied with,” said the legislator.

Olga Luz Espinosa Morales presented an ordinary sanctioning procedure against Marisol García Segura, who appeared on social networks last November for an offensive message against the PRD while the 2022 Expenditure Budget was being discussed. “What they want is to silence women of the PRD, because we present data that reflect what is happening in this country. They have no arguments, no discourse and the only way has been violence”.

“No more political violence against women, and I make a respectful call to the National Electoral Institute to take into account our request and to exercise an exemplary sanction against these violent people,” he demanded.

On her occasion, deputy Gabriela Sodi Miranda referred to distorted messages that deputy Andrea Chávez Treviño spread from her social networks accusing the PRD of trying to stop support for the promotion of reading, which was false.

“They messed with me, with my family, they exercised all kinds of violence: Symbolic, direct, micro-violence, and I have come to deliver all this because they are not going to silence us and we are not going to allow the voice of thousands and thousands of people to be intimidated. citizens who decided that we should be their voice in Congress”, he stated.

Meanwhile, legislator Edna Gisel Díaz Acevedo denounced the coordinator and deputy coordinator of Morena’s caucus, Ignacio Mier and Leonel Godoy, respectively, for exposing her to public ridicule, accusing her of having introduced an Italian “lobbyist” to the Plenary who, in reality, , was an external adviser to the GPPRD.

“Precisely on the day of the vote on this damaging electricity reform, the majority group tried to prevent us from having the right to vote. They think that because they are the majority group they can attack someone without evidence and then sentence them to give up their political rights.”

“What happens in plenary with us is serious,” she said. It is a reflection of what is happening in the country. It is this violence that is exercised to say what you think, to demonstrate with facts what is happening, the reality of this Mexico and they thought that perhaps they could shut us up, placate us and sit us down so that we no longer say anything. What they don’t know is that this has given us more strength to fight, to speak for ourselves and, in doing so, we also speak for thousands of women who suffer violence that ranges from the written, verbal and physical that, on many occasions, ends in femicide.

“We are popular representatives and we are going to be stronger than ever, no matter whether it is against the most powerful man in this country, or the legislators, with the officials of this Federal Government. We are going to go to the last consequences in a correct way with the corresponding instances, in this case the INE, to defend our rights and Mexican women, ”he stressed.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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