Featherweight; The 'War King' fills the Foro Sol

Featherweight; The 'War King' fills the Foro Sol
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We talk about Featherweight at any time and at any time. He has a personal mark that almost borders on exaggeration; It's nothing short of having a reporter specialized in her daily life, as happens with Taylor Swift. Last night she finally appeared at the Foro Sol. Did she fill it out even when the ticket reached two for one? Yes. Pure vato belic├│n on the track and stands singing Rubicon and it is not surprising that Double P Start with that song after the siege you are experiencing.

The nose is not simple at all, its claw is branded and, as a well-known mayor of the capital says, that is what she works for and does concerts for 65 thousand people. Not to mention the fans of him, pure fachero (war style) who could easily be confused with the dancers of Double P on stage, performing choreographies with a balaclava and an anonymous identity. Another nod to the culture of a scene in which the leader is always protected by his people. And there, in the middle, was Double Pwell kept.

It's good that they're recording, because this concert is for all the fucking tabloid media that said we weren't going to sell out. Here we are, sixty thousand, do you want it like this or more fucking full? "He exclaimed. Speechless. The compa had it bursting and it was noticeable in the stands thanks to the interactive bracelets.

The lying corridos are experienced quite peculiarly: chelita in hand, fanny pack on chest and with bandits (friends) at one's side. It was cold, but when you're cold, the colder the cold, the better experience there is at a concert and for singing. Lagoons, Bipolar and Pastel pink along with Jaziel Nu├▒ez.

Until now, Double P It is an airtight nose. At the back of the stage you can easily locate the sluts who follow him everywhere and it is not difficult, the gorillas, due to their corpulence, are almost the protagonists of the videos that the Jalisco native uploads. They saw each other when a delegation accompanied him to a square in Polanco with Nicki Nicole. Barely a morrillo could get close. They appear at the back of the stage, impossible not to see them, and as the song says, it is their New life.

He continued with The war. Curious, the race that attended to see it sings the verses alluding to Kalashnikovs (machine guns) and armored cars, a lyric authored by Featherweight's cousin at the request of a character, as if it were a topic of spite. It doesn't make sense, but it makes sense to them.

There remains the anecdote, in the voices of the performer, his collaborator Ra├║l Vega and all the kids who are emboldened by such a direct corrido. The Mexican evening continued, but not before hearing, among the murmur of the lower area, attendees remembering the threats that Peso received in Tijuana.

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Then Alem├ín appeared, to give him verse and rhyme with Delivery and Rucon, a pair of bars that Featherweight loves. And since it is his night, the one from Baja California did him the honors because ÔÇťthis bastard is the best rapper in all of Mexico,ÔÇŁ said the one from Guadalajara. And he is not wrong.

In Chanel Becky G was missed, but the issue with Blessd took away that thought when dating The girls. With The Hawkaimed at the family of El Chapo Guzmán, the second part of the show arrived, while children on their parents' shoulders followed the rhythm without knowing what was behind these lyrics.

Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, reappeared with the singer to do the honors with The fastbut it was The blue the one that caused the most feeling. Until the print edition closed, Peso Pluma still had pending Lady Gaga and the now classic, She dances Alone.

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