Featherweight angers and sends a message to its detractors in CDMX

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Last night, the singer Peso Pluma reaffirmed that today he is one of the most popular singers in the country, because after many doubts, The performer packed the Foro Sol, in Mexico Citywhere he delighted thousands of fans with his songs.

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The concert of the so-called 'War King' for his interpretations, He took advantage of a moment during his recital to directly respond to the multiple criticisms he received from some media outlets.who stated that Peso Pluma would not fill the venue, due to an alleged drop in ticket sales.

To all the fucking tabloid media that criticized and said that we didn't sell a single ticket, here's your entire fucking Foro Sol, they like it this way or fuller,” said the singer, visibly furious.

This statement was applauded by his followers, but it also has the singer once again in the middle of the storm due to the controversy that has already broken out on social networks.

It should be noted that 65 thousand people witnessed the singer's solo debut in the capital venuewhich has hosted more personalities from the world of music, such as the American Taylor Swift recently.

How much was the cost of the tickets?

The price of tickets to see “Doble P” as in all stages varies, but on average at Foro Sol, It ranged from $828 pesos to $4,500 Mexican pesoshence, despite not being so expensive, some more people doubted that the seats would not be sold, which is why they began to doubt the singer's true success at the box office.

It should be noted that the sale of Foro Sol tickets was available three months earlier and Ocesa Concert Week put tickets on sale 2x1, a situation for which it was pointed out that the singer had not managed to sell successfully.



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