FC Barcelona seeks the incorporation of the Mexican Julián Araujo who could leave MLS and LA Galaxy

The side is on the radar of a giant from Spain.

Photo: Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Some time ago the rumors of a possible departure of Julián Araujo from the LA Galaxy were ringing from Spain. However, the pass market closed and lThe departure of the Mexican element from the Los Angeles team was unable to make the leap to reach the LaLiga Santander team.

However, now again this rumor is in the environment. On this occasion it is said that the group of the Spanish Xavi Hernández would look for the file of Araujo as a loan with an option to buy, something that would give him a unique opportunity to play for a giant in Spain.

However, to confirm your arrival you have to keep in mind different points, being one of them that the departure of Héctor Bellerín to Sporting Lisbon must be expected; only later can the arrival of the Mexican winger who is in the United States be confirmed awaiting the start of the next season of Major League Soccer.

In addition, another point that we must take into account is that the Aztec He would arrive as a player from the subsidiary with activity in the first teamwhich would mean that would be under the command of Rafael Márquez, but will have first team training with the orders of Xavi Hernández.

Currently, both teams, Barcelona and Galaxy, are in talks in order to agree on the necessary conditions to be able to carry out an operation that gives advantage to all the parties involved, teams and player.

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