Father and son die after being buried by a collapse at a construction site in Ayacucho

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One of the victims was barely 20 years old - Andina credit/Infobae Composition

In the city of Huamangain the Ayacucho region, a father and his son died after being buried by a large amount of earth and stones, the result of a collapse when they were carrying out excavation work for the construction of a home.

Romulo Taco Ochoa 54 years old and his son Yerry Taco Albites Of 20, were the fatalities. Both did not have the opportunity to leave alive the place where the events occurred, near the Belén neighborhood, even though they had the help of the Huamanga night watchmen and members of the Ayacucho Fire Company.

The municipality of Huamanga reported that the rescue team responded almost immediately when the tragedy was reported. In the hope of finding the victims still alive, the debris was removed, but a second collapsealmost simultaneously, caused the complication of the rescue operationleaving an injured firefighter who ended up being transferred to the Regional Hospital.

Quickly, the municipality requested special machinery, specifically backhoes, to find the trapped bodieswhich were later transferred to the morgue of Ayacucho for the respective expertise.

Municipality of Huamanga confirmed that a second landslide complicated rescue work - Andina credit
Municipality of Huamanga confirmed that a second landslide complicated rescue work - Andina credit

When the accident became known, it was revealed that the construction work wasThey were carried out in an unstable area and without security measures. For this reason, municipal workers decided to proceed with the suspension of the work while the relevant investigations are carried out.

According to the latest report from the Computer System for Notification of Work Accidents, Dangerous Incidents and Occupational Illnesses - SAT, only until the month of May, in the country were reported 2,529 notifications. It should be noted that Lima has the highest number of notifications with 1,726.

Of this total, 96.28% correspond to non-fatal work accidents, 1.62% fatal accidents, 1.70% dangerous accidents and 0.40% occupational diseases. The economic activity that had the highest number of notifications It was manufacturing industries, with 22.42%.

In other words, what they do is carried out through manual or artisanal work carried out with hand tools or other mechanisms.

Likewise, the same report indicates that of this number of notifications, 210 correspond to alerts in construction contexts, of which 6 respond to dangerous accidents.

Special machinery had to be requested to rescue the trapped bodies - Andina credit
Special machinery had to be requested to rescue the trapped bodies - Andina credit

Last month the National Superintendence of Labor Supervision (Sunafil) held the seminar “Preventive actions in working at height and labor inspection” in order to raise awareness about the risks that still exist in the contexts of civil construction work.

In this sense, the public entity attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion urged workers in the civil construction and industrial sectors to oppose carrying out work that exposes them to serious and imminent risks, taking into account that The protection of life should always be prioritized before the advancement of a work.

Along these lines, the important role played by the occupational health and safety committees when providing the necessary prevention recommendations to avoid possible cases of death and irreversible damage to the health of workers in the event of a tragic accident.

It should be remembered that if a fatal incident or event occurs during the execution of orders by the employer or outside the place and hours of work, this is considered work accident and must be reported by the employer to the MTPE, within a maximum period of 24 hours of occurrencethrough the following link.

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