Fashion when dressing the head

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Berets, beanies, cowboy hats: the variety of hats is enormous. Some of them are especially fashionable in autumn and winter, such as crochet pieces.

Whether to keep your ears warm or simply because it combines well with the rest of your clothing... when it gets colder outside, both beanies and other types of hats become highly required.

The good news for those who still express their doubts is that — according to personal shopping advisor Sonja Grau — everyone can “use these headwear very well.”

In short, there is a correct model for each head shape and for each personal taste. The only thing you need, sometimes, is to dare to try a few.

Many times series, movies and their characters are the source of inspiration for new trends in hats and caps. For example, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City or, more current, its continuation And Just Like That.

The trend in hats is the Fedora, a classic with a fold at the top and usually two dents in the front, an elegant alternative to the knit hat. The brim may currently be a little wider and the material, leather.


The style preppy It's also fashionable and what fits better than a beret?” asks London-based stylist Lukas Blasberg. Refers to the series Emily in Pariswhere the flat wool cap with a small peak in the center plays at least a secondary role.

According to Blasberg, she can wear it from time to time with a small veil. "However, if she's afraid of looking like a widow who just buried her fifth husband, stick to the classic shape," says the stylist.

And speaking of preppy, the so-called newsboy hat with a visor, for example made of leather, is also a popular companion on the head this season. Because it will always be in fashion, it is also a “super investment piece,” says Blasberg.

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Who instead wants to be inspired by the looks of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken in the film Barbie, will resort—just like the trend toward western boots in footwear—to the cowboy hat.

By the way, wide-brimmed models can also be seen in autumn and winter in quite warm materials, such as tweed.


But there are even cozier alternatives. For example, a piece that is probably already at home in many closets and that resembles the beanie, but without the pom pom: the beanie hat.

According to personal shopper Sonja Grau, with this type of hat it is impossible to go wrong. “The classic beanie usually goes well with any hairstyle and head shape,” she says, “and knitted wool hats tend to be flattering both when a lot of hair is visible or when only a little bangs are showing, for example.”

A very fashionable alternative to the classic hat is the crochet version, which stylist Blasberg calls crochet. Magazine Vogue He even called crochet the “trend of the moment.”

Because while dresses, tops and two-pieces in partially transparent crochet looks were part of the spring and summer 2023 collections, the crochet look is now focused on heads: from subtle designs to variants with embroidery or pearls.


Something more unusual and, above all, for the brave of fashion, are the Fuzzy Hats, furry and cozy. The source of inspiration goes back to the 90s. Just think of the huge pink hat that Pamela Anderson wore at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. A fashion statement with a touch of humor.

This season, hats in bright or contrasting colors are the right thing to do,” summarizes Lukas Blasberg. “A Fuzzy Hat or crochet hat draws attention. On the other hand, those who prefer a calmer variety, combine the Fedora with a tonal boho dress.”

But what about an omnipresent trend for years, the Bucket Hat with a reversible brim? Also known as bucket hats, “they are definitely still in fashion,” says Sonja Grau.

This season they will be lined, padded, printed, in corduroy or leather.” According to the fashion expert, they can also be worn in bright colors.


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