Fashion and electronics will begin to become relevant

Fashion and electronics will begin to become relevant
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El Buen Fin has become the time of year that allows people to advance their Christmas shopping, so it is expected that some of the best-selling categories in the 2023 edition will be Fashion, Electronics and Appliancesboth in physical stores and on digital channels.

In fact, what is also called eCommerce has become relevant in this event of promotions and discounts because, in the previous edition, 60% of Mexican Internet users over 18 years of age declared having purchased a product or service.

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A figure that Taboola experts predict will continue with consumers who are more established and aware of their seasonal purchases.

The above considering that Mexican consumers buy “well in advance”, that is, the shopping season that in the past began a few days before Christmas, for a few years now begins with El Buen Fin, to be held this year on the 17th. to November 20.

The most relevant category, at least in El Buen Fin last, was Fashion because it represented 15% of that pie (sales), followed by other categories such as computers, cell phones and tablets, with 11% of the pie, and audio, television and video , 6%,” explained the leader of eCommerce solutions for NielsenIQ Mexico, Paulina Ortiz.


During this Good End, consumers will increase purchases in physical stores by 39.72% and cut the budget for online purchases by 22.95%, revealed a recent Kantar study.

Of the Mexicans who do plan to spend at Buen Fin, the average maximum disbursement for the digital channel will be 3,771.34 pesos vs. 4,894.78 pesos from the previous year, while for physical establishments, there will be a greater investment by 2022. For On this channel, Mexicans plan to spend an average of 5,747.62 pesos vs. 4 thousand 113.51 pesos,” commented Pedro López, Brand & Media Director, Kantar México.

In addition, the brands where Mexicans will prefer to take advantage of the offers will be: Amazon and Coppel; Meanwhile, among the most in-demand categories will be: clothing and footwear, revealed a recent Kantar study.

The specialist considered that this year social networks will continue to be relevant, but by purchasing more in the physical channel, Mexicans will be informed directly at the point of sale to find out about Buen Fin promotions.

Social networks with 68% and television, with 61%, are the main means for Mexicans to stay informed about this edition, while 51% plan to go directly to the store to find out about promotions and 44% you’ll see them across the brands’ websites,” he said.

In the physical channel, Coppel is at the top of preferences, not only does it stand out in the white goods/furniture category with 63%; but in clothing and footwear with 56%; In second position is Liverpool; In this store, Mexicans will go looking for clothing and footwear (46%), as well as cosmetics and perfumery (49%).

Although Walmart formats do not participate in Buen Fin directly, they have the Fin Irresistible campaign, which takes place on the same dates, hence, according to Kantar, Bodega Aurrerá, which is owned by the firm, is is in third position in purchasing preference, 24% of Mexicans will look for offers on white goods, computers and electronics in said store, however, it is striking that in this edition, 15% will go for clothing and footwear, 11 percentage points above what was observed last year.

For digital purchases, Amazon continues to lead as the favorite online store to buy a computer/electronic item (53%), followed by Mercado Libre (42%); while Liverpool stands out with 24% in the clothing and footwear categories, as well as cosmetics and perfumery with 30%,” the document revealed.

Furthermore, “Shein continues to be the preference of Mexicans for the third year and maintains relevance for the clothing and footwear categories as a place of purchase with 33%.”

-Erendira Espinosa


  • Nine out of 10 Mexicans plan to buy in this edition of Buen Fin
  • 73% plan their purchases
  • 90% will purchase clothing and footwear
  • 88% will buy computer or electronic items
  • 35% will be spent on cosmetics and perfumes
  • 24% plan to stock the pantry
  • 23% will purchase video games
  • 18% will take advantage of discounts on toys
  • 16% goes for jewelry and watches
  • 12% will buy wines and spirits


Tiendanube and Taboola agree that these categories will remain the most important in this year's edition, since they have remained active throughout 2023.

Ortiz, when speaking with Excelsior, highlighted that other categories that are becoming relevant are mass consumption products, that is, those that have to do with beauty and personal care, home care and alcoholic beverages. The latter stands out because many people take advantage of the Buen Fin to stock up on the drinks they will consume during the Christmas holidays.

We see that the alcoholic beverage category within Buen Fin had a growth of 79%, in fact, it was one of the categories that had the greatest positive impact in terms of what grew in the rest of the categories," he highlighted. .

Tiendanube estimates that the pet category could also be added to the most sought after.

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