Fans still believe in superheroes: Robert Kirkman

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The sins of Omni-Man (JK Simmons) and Mark Grayson (Steve Yeun), the leading couple of Invinciblethey hurt much more when listening Karma Policeby Radiohead, at the beginning of season 2 of Invinciblethe animated series for adults with which Prime Video and its author, Robert Kirkman, completely distance themselves from the famous superhero fatigue.

Next Friday, the platform will release the first episodes of the second part. It will be known what happened to Omni-Man after the violent battle he fought with his son, Mark, the result of which was not only to end up bleeding in the heart of Chicago, but also to have a full truck completely crushed with passengers inside. A Dantesque scene that marks the hero of the story for life.

Invincibleadaptation of the comic of the same name created by the writer of The Walking Deadtells the story of young Mark, a teenager who discovers his superpowers at the same time that his father reveals his sinister identity, and as part of the chilling continuation of its first part, Excelsior spoke with Kirkman about his return amid the on-screen superhero crisis.

“I think fatigue is positive,” he intervened, via Zoom, “I honestly don't think people are less interested in superheroes and another of the best examples is The Boyswhich is at its true peak of popularity.

“What happens is that, at least in our case, Invincible It comes as an alternative to the massive hits that aren't having a good time. “Any topic that has to do with that phenomenon really suits us to stand out,” she added.

It happens that Kirkman, compared to other authors, has taken care of this work to be adapted exactly as readers read it in its pages that began to be published 20 years ago. The violence, the gore, the traumas, everything explicit is transferred to the screen without the need for censorship.

Happens? Clear! Maybe Peacemaker and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, both by James Gunn, are an exception for DC and Marvel, but the rest of the content has abused the same resources, clichés, of softening the original content and the results are reflected in the box office and critics.

Kirkman, on the other hand, learned his lesson with The Walking Dead and with Invincible has taken the opportunity to even improve the original story by adding unpublished situations, deaths and dialogues that complement the graphic part.

“That's why I took the series as a second draft. Speaking of the second season, there are additions that I would have liked to include in the comic, but they take time to think about depicting emotional scenes of the characters and as we progress, in the series, I had the luxury of meeting those demands and they will continue as long as it lasts." , he explained.

Kirkman, a 44-year-old artist, is doing just what fans of Attack on Titan They hope that it will happen next weekend with the anime, that Hajime Isayama, the author, will fix the much criticized ending with the outcome of the animated series. But he and many artists should take the example of the American, who even used his actors to raise the level of Invincible.

For example, returning to the topic of Radiohead, this resource is used to exponentiate Mark Grayson's guilt and the trauma that left him being an indirect murderer of the citizens of Chicago, while Sandra Oh, voice of Debbie Grayson, Mark's mother, also He collaborated with his personal experiences.

“Not only does she play her, but Sandra Oh took the figure of being a conflicted mother to another level after having been betrayed (Omni-Man, her husband, said he used her as a pet) and abandoned.

“These characteristics make her a very central character in a superhero story and a realistic one, since she is a human being surrounded by such crazy people. Her situation saddens, but there is hope with her,” he said.

Kirkman has expressed his desire to cover up to six or seven seasons to properly tell the events of his 144 volumes, but Prime Video has the final say. Likewise, there is hope of seeing a well-made live-action, according to him, because the best adaptation work, within the genre, is The Boys, by Eric Kripke.

The episodes of the second season of Invincible They debuted with the highest rating in specialized critics and here it can also be anticipated that the evolution of Mark, the Teen Team and The Guardians of the Globe will not hesitate to kill Omni-Man if the fate of the earth depends on it.

In Mortal Kombat

With the reboot from the fighting video game Mortal KombatRobert Kirkman will fulfill the dream of seeing one of his characters face Scorpion, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and more fighters in the most brutal tournament between human beings and the Underworld.

“I've seen some things, but I haven't been able to play it or have the opportunity to have a demo. However, I'm excited to get the thumbs up soon and see what it's capable of (on consoles),” she said.


On Friday, the first four episodes of the second season will be released on Prime Video, the other half, early next year.

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