Fans say goodbye to Antonio "La Tota" Carbajal at the León Stadium | Video

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Antonio 'La Tota' Carbajal, first footballer to play in five editions of the World Cup, who died this Tuesday at the age of 93, was fired by the fans at the León Stadium, where he played most of his career, from 1950 to 1966, and was twice Mexican soccer champion in the 1951-52 and 1955-56 seasons.

Club León opened its stadium to the fans, who accompanied family members, basic forces players and managers to dismiss the body of Carbajal Rodríguez, who was in a coffin installed in one of the goals of the Nou Camp.

The few fans who attended the wake sang cheers to fire the legend of Mexican football, who won two league titles as goalkeeper for the emerald team.

The death of Antonio Carbajal was announced last Tuesday, after suffering in his last days blood pressure problems that they sent him to the hospital in the city of Lion.

The exporter of the Mexican team participated in the world Brazil 1950, Switzerland 1954, Sweden 1958, Chile 1962 and England 1966. His brand was in force for 32 years, until the German Lothar Matthaus He managed in France 1998 to play his fifth World Cup.

'The Tota' I participate in 11 matches in the World Cup, all from the group stage, which they never surpassed with Mexico. He also represented his country at the 1948 London Olympics.

Next to Carbajal and Matthausthe Italian Gianluigi Buffonthe Argentinian Lionel Messi, the portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and the mexicans Rafael Márquez, Guillermo Ochoa and Andrés Guardado are the other footballers who They have played five World Cups.

Ochoa, Guardado, Messi and Ronaldo they equaled the feat in the past World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Besides the lion, Carbajal played with Real Spainwith which he made his professional debut in 1948. After retiring as a footballer, he became a coach and directed Union of Peasant Tanners and Athletesalready disappeared, as well as Atletico Morelia, currently in the Expansion League. He was also an assistant Raul Cardenas in the Mexican national team between 1979 and 1981.

(With information from EFE)

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