False what initiative of the Executive intends to make the

False, what initiative of the Executive intends to make the INE disappear: Benjamin Robles

Deputy Benjamin Robles Montoyavice coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the PT, affirmed that it is The discourse of the Mexican right wing that ensures that the initiative of the head of the Federal Executive in electoral matters intends to make the National Electoral Institute (INE) disappear is totally false; “The discourse is fallacious, and its goal is to misinform and manipulate the public.”

In a statement, he assured that these statements are false, since the proposal promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has the opposite objective, by preserving the INE as an autonomous constitutional body and the only thing that changes is the method of electing its members. councilors, so that it be by popular vote instead of the current designation that has led to the immoral distribution of quotas between political parties.

“The opposition and its choruses, as always, resort to lies and fear in their message. They say that the INE cannot return to being aligned with any government, but they do not question that the political parties are distributed to the councilors”, denounced the congressman for the state of Oaxaca.

Regarding the march last Sunday, November 13, the legislator said he was respectful of those who demonstrated; However, he questioned “his little memory of him marching side by side with various characters who did so much damage to the country and who now stand up as defenders of democracy, examples of honor and rectitude.”

“I have no objection to admit that the march was more extensive than expected; However, the lower classes and popular organizations did not participate, something relevant, especially if we consider that in our nation the popular classes are the majority. Given this, in the Fourth Transformation we will continue to uphold the power of reason, information and arguments ”, he concluded.

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