False rumor causes 500 immigrants to turn themselves in to Border Patrol

Immigrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol in the false hope that they would be taken to Canada.

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The United States Border Patrol reported that on Wednesday night a huge immigrant caravanmostly Venezuelans, arrived at the border crossing in El Paso, Texas, with the false belief that the country of the stars and stripes would transport them to Canada.

“Around 8 p.m., the agents assigned to the Ysleta station began to receive a constant flow of immigrants. In a span of a couple of hours there was already a flow of 500 immigrants“, said Orlando Marrero-Rubio, a spokesman for the Border Patrol.

Telemundo reported that immigrants were informed about “a new opportunity” to cross into Canada and they decided to surrender.

“They were given instructions that the federal government changed its immigration policies and that is completely false. Someone from the Mexican side is informing them that we are going to put them on buses to Canada.. That is false”, clarified Marrero-Rubio who also took the time to clarify that Title 42 is still in effect and that all those who crossed the border irregularly would be prosecuted under the health policy that was born in the era of Donald Trump.

Weeks ago Joe Biden established an asylum application program for Venezuelans, Haitians and Nicaraguans with US sponsors, but if immigrants of those nationalities cross the border without being summoned at a port of entry, they will almost likely lose eligibility for asylum.

Some immigrants shared with Borderreport that the rumor started after several compatriots received a call from a friend who turned himself in and was released by the Border Patrol and was later taken “free” to Canada.

Others indicated that the desperation of spending a long time in a shelter in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, led them to take the decision to surrender to Border Patrol and thus have an opportunity to have a better life.

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