Fallen bridges reveal corruption in the Government of Colima

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A few hours of rain was enough to collapse more than 33 million pesos. With Lidia, two bridges delivered by the current administration of the Morenoist Indira Vizcaínosuffered significant damage, about 15 communities have been affected.

In each of the bridges damaged by the Lydian rains, the plates that connect the entrance and exit of the bridge to the road collapsed. One of the bridges connects with the municipality of Minatitlán and cost more than 18 million pesos, still this Friday afternoon it was being filled with rubble and stones from Arroyo Seco itself to continue operating. This bridge It was inaugurated last May and now in October, it is no longer passable at least until now.

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For the local representative for the seventh district in Colima, the short time that these buildings operated without problems, generates concern in the state since it reveals that it was a work "poorly made" because he claims to have documented himself with specialists who agree that “There is a whole planning problem in this work, and the risk that the population was running all this time is worrying.”

Through a statement the governor of Colima, Indira Vizcaíno Silva has justified herself by making a technical precision. He assures that the bridge “was not damaged,” and that technically it was the approaches, the plates that serve as a transition between the bridge and the road.

“But if you defend yourself in that way, what good is the bridge if you are not going to have access to it,” says the local Citizen Movement deputy, Jesús Dueñas, adding that “the governor's reasoning seems very illogical to me. It does not surprise us because this has been the way this administration governs, without reasoning, without self-criticism, without logical sense, without governmental substance.”

The two bridges damaged by Lidia, They were an emblem of the current administration in Colima. Its construction and investment spread everywhere. A publication from May 8 is still maintained on the Governor's Facebook page, and an information banner on the Colima-Coquimatlán highway.

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The way in which the government of Colima has issued information on the issue of bridges, and how it has sought Do not reveal information about the construction companyas well as the scarce five months in which they remained standing in their entirety, could reveal possible acts of corruption by the current administration, according to opposition political groups.

“You can see from leagues that it is a work in which a lot of corruption is immersed, we are talking about 18 million that this work cost” says local deputy Jesús Dueñas. But the worrying thing is that public works have yet to be delivered and, according to the legislator, it would be a risk for the population if they have the same quality. “What worries us is that one that was just delivered in May already ended in a natural disaster due to poor planning, poor execution, and poor supervision.”

For the local Citizen Movement Deputy, the governor Indira Vizcaino You must accept your responsibility as a representative.

Another of the bridges is the one that leads from the municipal seat of Coquimatlán to the communities of El Chical and El Poblado. Between the two towns there are close to 1,200 inhabitants, who have seen their daily lives interrupted for not quickly crossing the area of ​​the collapse.

“It affected us because the students don't go to school, the sick miss their appointments, the insurance, the doctor. “Commerce, milk, eggs”says Ricardo González, Commissioner of El Poblado.

Paulino Lomelí looks for some maintenance jobs every day to survive. However, he must do it from the capital of Colima, where he has not been able to reach due to the time he lost walking to the closest public transportation stop, an hour away from the fallen bridge. “I came on foot, everything is crazy over there. Imagine, I don't have a truck, I came on foot, it took me an hour.” says Don Paulino, resident of El Chical.

Through various communications the Government of Colima has defended the issue of bridges, However, the opposition political class will continue investigating to find out what were the failures that put the population at risk by having delivered a work in poor conditions.

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