Falcons take victory in Aztec land

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Drama and scream. Trae Young stole the night at the Mexico City Arena. Nothing strange for one of the NBA superstarsbut playing on a neutral court changed their uniform hero without cape. Excited to appear in Mexico, the guard of the Halcones validated their status as favorites of the people with 41 points and eight assists, and the quintet of Atlanta beat Orlando 120-119. Jalen Johnson contributed with 19 points and Dejounte Murray put 16.

Young is destined to break all his franchise records and will probably pocket some of the NBA. Last night equaled the points mark for a game in Mexico that had established Luka Doncic with the Mavericks in 2019. Aware of the great figure that Young is, there is Dominique Wilkins, definitive legend of the Falcons, who received a very loud ovation last night, when his presence was announced. Scottie Pippen, the great accomplice of Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls, and for which the sand almost fell when the public realized that he was home.

*Trae Young when arriving at the arena.

Perhaps the key to Trae Young is that he plays with the joy of a child. He has a solid competitive gene, but in every game he praises the little boy who started shooting his first shots at the basket at the age of five. He told it to Hank Aaron, a former Atlanta Braves player, when he, already in his eighties and in a wheelchair, told him: “I was once 20 years old.”

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The spark of Young It was noticeable from the first minutes. Before halftime he had 20 points when he was called for a technical foul. On the next play he responded with a triple and on the next play with a layup that was good for two more points on his account. He went into halftime with 33 points.

*League legends included Dominique Wilkins and Scottie Pippen.

The Magic tightened their defense in the third quarter. For the final partial, orlando He left with a five-point lead. A real fight started. Murray served as the engine of the Falconsbut Paulo Banchero He tried to ruin that party. He finished with 17 points and eight rebounds and was accompanied by five of his teammates, with at least 12 points to orlando. Anyway, the best man on the Florida team was Jalen Suggswith 21 points.

At one point and with 1:03 minutes left, Young tied at 117. Wagner with a beautiful hook put order, but Murray holed out and Banchero dramatically missed his turn. Thus, Young took control of the ball to consume the last gasp of a great game.

The fans enjoyed a cheering match, while the commissioner David Stern assured at the end that the NBA is very pleased with his trips to Mexico and it is certain that they will return next year.


Eduardo Nájera, Horacio Llamas and Gustavo Ayónthree of the four Mexicans who have played in the NBA, were present last night at the league duel in the capital.


Because of their blood ties, Paolo Banchero He was in talks with the Italian Basketball Federation. He doesn't speak Italian. He was inclined to represent the United States in the last World Cup. He doesn't speak Spanish either. He barely said a “hello” to the fans of the CDMX Arena through local sound and thanked, in English, the presence and support.

He Angolan Bruno Fernando He expanded much more in Cervantes' language, close to his Portuguese language, but the noise of the thousands of attendees made it impossible to hear his message. The euphoria overflowed long before the 32nd game of the season began. NBA in Mexico. In preparations, A minute of silence was symbolically observed for the state of Guerrero.

*Bruno Fernando thanked the Mexicans for welcoming them

He was strong heat in the hallways of the CDMX Arena. A Orlando Magic-Atlanta Falcons It well deserves a high temperature. Nineteen degrees Celsius, but the enthusiasm of the people made the difference.

Shoulder to shoulder, there was no free space. Girls and boys, boys and adults alike tried their luck by throwing penalty shots on small courts. A little further away, some lady in heels scored a basket out of pure luck and to the great commotion that her companions made. The game is the game.

*In the front row was the singer Peso Pluma.

The staff at the souvenir shops couldn't cope. The majority looked for the jersey Trae Youngthe great star of the Falcons.

The chilango fans, and those who came from the interior of the Republic, did their peculiar warm-up while both teams did their own thing. Dedicated body and soul, Magic and Halcones would leave a memorable match.

By Fernando Islas.

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