Faitelson goes to Televisa; This is how he said goodbye to José Ramón Fernández on ESPN

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David Faitelson confirmed his departure from ESPN (Photo: IG @davidfaitelson_espn)

Rumors became reality, David Faitelson is leaving ESPN after several years on the North American television station. Once again the controversial journalist leaves the shadow of Jose Ramon Fernandezwith whom he already worked in TV Azteca and in ESPN.

During his last participation in the program Chronometer This Monday, October 2, the channel dedicated a space for Faitelson to broadcast his farewell words, also for Joserra expressed his comments in his last broadcast together under the signal of ESPN.

The experienced journalist dedicated a few words to his student and discussion partner. Although he trained it under the school of “hate Televisa” —when they collaborated on the Ajusto television station—, David made his own decision to migrate and embark on a new stage without him.

Faitelson said goodbye to José Ramón after announcing his departure from ESPN
Faitelson said goodbye to José Ramón after announcing his departure from ESPN

Although Faitelson did not confirm which company he would join, it was José Ramón's son, Juan Pablo Fernández, who aired the exclusive that the journalist would go to TUDN.

“I wish you the best, I hope it goes very well for you. May you succeed, if there are sharks here, there will be more sharks there. I wish you success because I love you.”

With a noticeably moved face, José Ramón accepted his pupil's decision to go to that television station with which they shared enmity. Without mentioning the name of the company, the commentator stated the following:

José Ramón Fernandez and David Faitelson say goodbye live, Faitelson has decided to change television stations. Credit: ESPN

“I congratulate Faitelson for being professional and because he has decided, he chose and that's it, it's up to him to choose and that's how it was”

After José Ramón spoke on air about the quality of journalist that Faitelson is, the 54-year-old commentator took a breath to respond to his master in sports media.

He appreciated his mentor's words; Although in recent days they had fights and even got offended live, the now former journalist of ESPN promised to carry the teachings of Joserra to everywhere.

He remembered that he has been with Joserra since his beginnings in sports journalism, which is why he highlighted the 30 years they have been together, so he considered him a “father” in the profession.

José Ramón Fernández in an interview with David Faitelson, the day he revealed what his worst moment of health was (Photo: Youtube/ESPN Deportes)
José Ramón Fernández in an interview with David Faitelson, the day he revealed what his worst moment of health was (Photo: Youtube/ESPN Deportes)

“I really appreciate your words, you know what they mean to me. You divide 16 years, I have more than 30 years working with you and learning from you every day, you are much more than a colleague, than a friend, you are almost a father to me, I will always take your school Wherever I go, I will carry your journalism flag,” he said.

Because Faitelson began his career with Joserra in TV Aztecarecognized that his image and relevance in the environment is due to Joserrawhich is why he was proud of that memory.

“What I am in this world of journalism I owe to this man, I don't owe it to anyone else, it is clear and I will always say it very proudly wherever I go”

Finally, Faitelson made it clear that from this moment on he will undertake the challenge of getting out of the image in which he pigeonholed himself with José Ramón.

David Faitelson participates in Televisa's Third Sports Degree (Twitter/@N+)
David Faitelson participates in Televisa's Third Sports Degree (Twitter/@N+)

“You know me, I'm a restless guy, I like to move, now I'm trying to find another challenge, let's see how it goes, hopefully well”

In the absence of the official presentation of TUDN To confirm the arrival of Faitelson, the controversial journalist already had a first approach with this television station. With the launch of Third Sports Gradehosted by Denise Maerker, Faitelson was one of the guest analysts on the show's first season.

Although at that time it was not known about his departure from ESPNreceived a series of criticisms for “betraying” the principles of Joserra and the teachings of that generation of The protagonistssince André Marín also collaborates on the program.

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